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After working in the medical field for 20 years, I became a licensed massage therapist in 1996. My original focus and certification was in anatomy rich neuromuscular therapy. In 1997, I was led by universal guidance (a swift kick in the pants) to begin the study of craniosacral therapy (CST) with Upledger Institute and John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.

Progressing over the next decade through the advanced classes offered and receiving the honor of becoming certified in CST, I was simultaneously investigating lymph drainage therapy, developed by Bruno Chikly, M.D. Initially unsure about how lymph drainage therapy would benefit my clients, I was soon struck by how powerfully effective it was, especially when used in conjunction with craniosacral therapy.

In multiple advanced level classes, I learned how to apply manual lymph mapping (MLM), a Chikly method proprietary technique, in order to be able to manually feel where the lymph is flowing or blocked, and where best to access the system to optimize it. Currently, I am the only lymph drainage therapist in central Florida known to consistently and accurately employ MLM to benefit my clients in each session.

Owner, Barbara Nelen - Pain Relief

This single technique alone exponentially increases the effectiveness of lymph drainage to help prevent lymphedema and improve other chronic conditions. MLM eliminates any guessing or presumption regarding exactly how your lymph system is functioning, and dramatically increases long-term success.

CST, LDT, MLM, LymphoFascial Release (LFR), and a pinch of NeuroMuscular techniques are combined in treatments tailored to what your body needs and is best responding to at that moment. I believe that your unique human body is a miracle and is constantly changing in response to inner and outer conditions. It is my profound joy to be able to follow its lead and be a present witness to your return to optimal health.

I am also a Field Center Certified Coach, able to discuss with you, with your permission, the possibility of releasing not only physical restrictions but other long-held restrictions in various areas of your life, which over time may be affecting your body in undesirable ways.

Barbara Nelen - Pain Relief

Have you had your 23andMe testing? Are you ready to take a deep dive into your DNA and the health information it holds? 23andMe gives us Fun Facts about our heritage and traits. But beyond that lies a vast universe of DNA based health information just waiting for you to discover it. I can run your raw data through programs and offer you clear and concise reports which can guide you in making choices and decisions in what you eat, how you exercise, how much to sleep, which medications may pose a problem, and perhaps even explain why you are more of a Worrier or a Warrior. Knowledge is Power, so get yours today!

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Upledger CST Certified