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DNA Based Information

Having trouble interpreting your 23andMe results? Do you desire more medical information that could improve your health? You are in the right place. Please call for more information.

Have you had your 23andMe testing? Are you ready to take a deep dive into your DNA and the health information it holds? 23andMe gives us “Fun Facts” about our heritage and personal traits. But beyond that lies a vast universe of DNA based health information just waiting for you to discover it.

In conjunction with my training, I can run your already purchased raw data through special programs and offer you clear and concise reports which can guide you in making choices and decisions in what you eat, how you exercise, how much to sleep, which medications may pose a problem, assess your possible risk of diabetes or other ailments, and perhaps even explain why you are more of a Worrier or a Warrior.

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Aside from owning your very own blood sugar and blood pressure monitors, this offering is probably the most powerful and affordable tool to monitor your overall health.

Many people I know have been able to make course corrections in their daily habits to completely revitalize their lives and relationships and significantly increase their energy, enjoyment, focus, desire, and drive.

Knowledge is Power, so get your Epigenetics interpretations today!